Thursday, November 26, 2009

v.a. - forever changing cd 1991

another holiday whew.... just like that we are neighboring christmas 2009. you know one thing i hate during the holidays... is commuting!! i mean yesterday alone, what seems to be a 20 minute trip took about 1 hour to get home, good thing i have my mp3 player with me in my car or i'll fall asleep behind the wheel. seriously... and i'm not talking just the freeways, malls i'm pretty are congested too. especially on black friday! what's that about?! you wait 2 hrs or more to save
a lousy $10! i mean c'mon, lets get real... lol.
so for the holidays i have a nice i.b.m.(indie.britpop.madchester) compilation treat for you.
happy thanxgiving!! to all my frenz and indiens. special mention to gothboy, randyb, nb, tk99 and mcdoo!!! have a safe holiday!

tracks are as follows:

blur- i know(extended)
the real people - open up your mind(let me in)
world of twist - sons of the stage
the impossibles - delphis
swirl - helicopter
poppy factory - 7X7
ocean colour scene - yesterday today
the hollow men - pantera rosa
the high - take your time
ever - really tired
rain - lemonstone desired
the clouds - set free to be me
pretty impressive line up, eh. compiled by beechwood music, same people that brought you the "top 20 indie" compilation series.
kunin mo dito


randybazooka said...
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randybazooka said...

bakit galit??uhhhmmm black friday huh..oh yeah lousy 10 bucks, is that right? pasalamat ka walang baclaran dito kundi nakapila ka na sa pagbili ng tsinelas...hehehe hapi tenksgibing mga deejaaayyzzzz.....ingat lang kayo baka ma-hold -ap tayo...u know who u are dj world record!!

cino_pacino said...

oh yeahh..... how about kartimar!!! quipo naman!!! ingat lang baka dj stick up!!! hahahaha!!!

bubu said...

Thanks for this post i've lost this one for may years

cino_pacino said...

no problem bubu and thanx for your kind comment.