Saturday, November 21, 2009

citrus groove - hit the ground 7" 1991

let's shift gear momentarily and go back to 1991, when these blokes from local cali first debuted their single on honeychain records. hit the ground was the song, madchester was the beat and the rest well not quiet history, i hate to dial-a-cliche but this single pretty much fits the "baggy scene" that year!! i know it sounds redundant but their music are between the milltown bros. and perhaps the soup dragons. they have a seven track cd released in 1993 that contains two of the songs in this 3 track ep. if you missed them back then click on the link to listen again!! djlotku you where there, remember?! knock! knock! lem'me some salt, mate!!

kunin mo dito


randybazooka said...

yeee i was there....kumatok ako pero alang tao...sabi ng kapitbahay nakikikain daw sila kila gothboy ng tilapia courtesy of dj dampa bagong huli sa fish tank..hehehehe

new wave crossover said...

astig 2012' pre panoorin ninyo''

Will said...

Please upload the song "Hit The Ground" again. I have been trying to find it for years. I lived in San Luis Obispo County when they released it and I saw them at Loco Ranchero. I remember really liking the song but I haven't heard it since the early 90's. All links to the song or the EP are broken. I no longer have a turntable so buying it on used vinyl is out of the question.