Saturday, November 28, 2009

spectacle - needles in the camel's eye 7"

more nineties... is what i'm focusing on this late november. i've been paying a lot of attention to the twee-86s lately that i almost forgot how much the nineties has to offer. in the eighties you have new wave, cold wave, minimal, synth, punk, goth, post punk, twee and indie but the nineties has all of the above plus madchester, shoegaze, grunge, etc. lol, just trying to converse and maybe i'll get your attention!!
back to the post... an early 7" single by spectacle, a local shoegaze band have their one and only cd simply named 'glow in the dark soul' (djspacekid knows what i'm taking about) released in 1998. a very good cd consisting 15 tracks. stargazing and split screen are a shoegaze work of art and so as track 1 of this seven, you dig. the flip side reminds me of primal scream!! what the top 40 america addresses as melodic folk-rock is simlpy shoegaze to me...

kunin mo dito

Thursday, November 26, 2009

v.a. - forever changing cd 1991

another holiday whew.... just like that we are neighboring christmas 2009. you know one thing i hate during the holidays... is commuting!! i mean yesterday alone, what seems to be a 20 minute trip took about 1 hour to get home, good thing i have my mp3 player with me in my car or i'll fall asleep behind the wheel. seriously... and i'm not talking just the freeways, malls i'm pretty are congested too. especially on black friday! what's that about?! you wait 2 hrs or more to save
a lousy $10! i mean c'mon, lets get real... lol.
so for the holidays i have a nice i.b.m.(indie.britpop.madchester) compilation treat for you.
happy thanxgiving!! to all my frenz and indiens. special mention to gothboy, randyb, nb, tk99 and mcdoo!!! have a safe holiday!

tracks are as follows:

blur- i know(extended)
the real people - open up your mind(let me in)
world of twist - sons of the stage
the impossibles - delphis
swirl - helicopter
poppy factory - 7X7
ocean colour scene - yesterday today
the hollow men - pantera rosa
the high - take your time
ever - really tired
rain - lemonstone desired
the clouds - set free to be me
pretty impressive line up, eh. compiled by beechwood music, same people that brought you the "top 20 indie" compilation series.
kunin mo dito

Monday, November 23, 2009

tangerine - sunburst 12" 1989

my last post before the holiday y'all. i hope you like this one, this is a creation product and like most creation releases, it's a keeper not a dust collector as some people might say. it's worthy of a place in your collection. i like the blending of guitar and synth in sunburst they make it simple but jolly. the b-side has a bit of a psychedelic realm to it with a disco influenced bass line. one full length album and this 12" are my only known discography of them. these guys would rather be righteous and holy than famous anytime any day!!

kunin mo dito

Saturday, November 21, 2009

citrus groove - hit the ground 7" 1991

let's shift gear momentarily and go back to 1991, when these blokes from local cali first debuted their single on honeychain records. hit the ground was the song, madchester was the beat and the rest well not quiet history, i hate to dial-a-cliche but this single pretty much fits the "baggy scene" that year!! i know it sounds redundant but their music are between the milltown bros. and perhaps the soup dragons. they have a seven track cd released in 1993 that contains two of the songs in this 3 track ep. if you missed them back then click on the link to listen again!! djlotku you where there, remember?! knock! knock! lem'me some salt, mate!!

kunin mo dito

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the claim - wait and see ep

this record was released and self-distributed by the band and esurient communications in kent. after the brief hiatus with " the cartel ", the band dropped or was dropped by " the cartel " following the making of their records generally unavailable. this 7" does not show when it was recorded but judging from the pictures on the cover i'm guessing this came out before they joined " a turntable friend " in 1992. the claim grew up listening to a young paul weller so you will hear a little bit of the jam resemblance in their music. mod? soul? or mod-soul? to me it's indiepop!! just when i was about to say that i'm not into this particular genre... god, cliff & me is not a bad song plus a bonus track.... down by the chimney is also a nice powerpop indie song.
kunin mo dito

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

gangway - out on the rebound from love 7" 1985

this is a melodramatic single from gangway which i know nothing about until i was introduced by a good friend of mine at nmc. real cool laid back tune with a charismatic vocal, including the b-side 'paris, mexico' which one would likely prefer than the title track. my friend calabit has the other more familiar single... "my girl and me" and it's also available for download!!!
kunin mo dito

Sunday, November 15, 2009

shack - 24 hours ep 2005

i bought this about 2 yrs. ago at a local record store in l.a. it's a four song ep by shack, plain white with no info whatsoever on the cover and the record itself don' t have any credits other than the band name and song titles. for some who don't know much about the band they've released some pretty awesome records in the past. fronted by brothers mike and john head formerly of the great paley bros. and the strand, like most of their records they all sound just that(nonesuch). 24 hours was also released as a b-side of the single comedy along with uncle delany in 1999 and the song flannery off of the cd single natalie's party. to sum it all up, this is a collection of b-sides put together in one ep.

kunin mo dito

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

inner sleeve - dawn of the replicants split cd5 1998

two for one... a nice pair of indie put together by the people from the independent label fierce panda. cue screaming guitars and dreamy melodies, one brings feistiness edge while the other is more calm and laid back. if you like guitar feedbacks and distorted music then look no more.. "come alive" is for you.
kunin mo dito

Monday, November 9, 2009

ivy - avenge cd5 1994

another indiepop product of sarah records this time it's the quartet from norwich not the american band which coincidentally released their first single 'get enough' (the same year) on seed records. which i had posted here but was asked to be taken down!! this is a four track cd single that some of you might have been looking for. i don't know how long the file stay on this time so to be safe.....
kunin mo dito

Saturday, November 7, 2009

casswells - easy ep 1996

a short-lived indie pop band formed in 1996, from bristol they released their one and only album in 1997. while everyone else was listening to oasis and coldplay (myself included) these four lads were brave enough to play against the rules and kept the indie scene alive at least to their followers and to some that knew them. the album is excellent, it's full of semi-twee and catchy as hell tunes and they do not disappoint! the cd was also re-released under vinyl japan in 2003 and might still be available online.
kunin mo dito

Friday, November 6, 2009

just ahead.....

here's a preview of what's coming in november. its not much but i'm sure some of you could use an additional sumth'm sumth'm in your mp3 collection, d'ya know what i mean? just a heads up guys, this way i will be reminded of what to post: a little bit of unsorted new arrivals and some old favorites of mine....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

grass-show - out of the void cd5 1996

out of the void i believe is the band's fourth single. although they never made in the usa. i still think they are a pretty decent act. their music is britpop leaning towards the likes of supergrass, super furry animals and possibly menswear too. while alice takes you back to the sixties melody the aggressiveness of out of void gives an earful sound of pure britpop in the air.

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ever - virginize cd5 1991

out on midnight music label, this four-track cd single is the second record from ever. recorded and mixed at the twilight zone studios contains virgin eyes and other remixes.... mostly of that manchester groove that broke out in the early nineties. they also appeared on the "forever changing" compilation that includes blur, poppy factory, the real people.. you get the idea.
kunin mo dito

Sunday, November 1, 2009

random single of the month

here's a band that i was introduced to me by my good friend larry back in the early nineties. i don't know why i waited this long before posting this, it's a classic indie tune, didn't get much exposure and got very little airplay on college radios, the song 'blind' is very enigmatic and mysterious in a way. you have to listen to it and you'll know what i mean. local act from san diego, ca but somehow this particular song sound very british-new-wave influenced or maybe it's just me! oh hell, this is a great song... period. if you like the wallflowers of that sort you'll find this just as good.