Saturday, October 3, 2009

fruits of passion - kiss me now 7" 1986

a four piece guitar band in the mid-eighties you hardly run into on blogs, i wish i had more of their other singles as i'm curious how the other sounds like. 'kiss me now' is a very good song, a four minute excursion of finely crafted pop song. i don't know if the 12" single has the extended version.... that, would make it even better altogether huh, surprise me.
hey law, do you have the 12" single of this one if you do post it!

kunin mo dito:


NOISEBOX said...

yes i do! i also have their 2nd single all i ever wanted, not as good as kiss me now though!

cino_pacino said...


Blindspot said...

Thx. I have got 1."all i ever wanted" and 2."everything i ever wanted" (which is same song but new mixes)12 inch singles and their first album. I can post it to my blog if you want.
All i ever wanted is there:

cino_pacino said...

cool blindspot. i'm on it already!!