Tuesday, September 15, 2009

world party - way down now cd5 1990

karl wallinger, a great songwriter and composer as well as a singer. the same person that brought us 'ship of fools' and 'all come true' in the eighties, gives us this uk single from the album 'goodbye jumbo'. this one is more up tempo and a little bit jangly and some might say it has that baggy influence in it! i have both the uk 12" and this, but i decided to post this one because i didn't particularly like the remixed version on the vinyl. it sounded nothing like the original. it was a very bad remixed. they could have just made the song longer but carry the same tune throughout. i was very disappointed when i heard the 12" version. and i'm glad i kept the cd5.
a four track import cd single for you...
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