Sunday, September 6, 2009

random single of the month

howdy peeps!! we're up and running again. sorry for the last non post few days!!!! i just spent the whole entire week dedicating myself to synching all of my favorite songs into my ipod touch!! and it wasn't easy..... i mean it's not a hard process, it's just time consuming. i have to upload pictures of the cover sleeve to the corresponding song and all, ya know!! and i wanted to finish it(3000+ songs) asap so i that i don't have to worry about it. and i'm glad to say i did it!

ok now that we have all that taken care of, i know i've missed maybe 4-5 posts but i will make it up. i promise...starting with this one, an excellent tune from a very low profile band from the early nineties. this has got to be my favorite song from them, just a great indiepop song, also hard to find.

the pearly gatescrashers - the age of innocence 1991

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DJSpacekid said...

Sounds like the Flatmates...Nice Upload!

cino_pacino said...

tumpak!!! thank you. senor.