Thursday, September 17, 2009

opium - one last kiss cd5 2005

fronted by alex macpherson formerly of "the wake" who then, replaced bobby gillespie in 1983. with gerard mcinnulty(former member of altered images) who founded the band, steven allen and his sister carolyn, they went on to score a hit and a great album and some eps on factory records before signing with sarah records in 1988. this time alex macpherson had already formed "the cat club" which to their success had dented the british charts with 'one last kiss', which is now extremely rare. but i'm lucky to have known somebody who owns one and let' s me borrow it when needed.
the closest thing i have is this single by opium with katrina docherty on vocals.
fyi i don't how long this post i going to stay so pls support your online records store. you can get some of their other releases here-->>
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