Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the march violets - deep 7" 1985

my favorite single from the band, i have been looking for someone to post a 7" version of the song in a long time and to my dismay i have no success. you would find a lot of 'the march violets' deep 12" single posted on blogs but not this 7" version. so for someone looking for a shorter version of the song like i had before. this one's for you.
kunin mo dito:

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the said...

Wow - thanks for posting this! I well remember the March Violets from my mis-spent youth. They were contemporaries of the Sisters of Mercy, the Cult and various other early "goth" bands (before we referred to them as goth). I recall loving the two singles "Snake Dance" and "Walk Into The Sun".
*rushes off to find 7" vinyl singles*