Monday, September 7, 2009

v.a. - manchester, north of england lp 1988

delivered as promised..... another holiday another compilation. this time an early manchester scene, perhaps the first scene not the 'baggy' one. with bands like james, man from del monte, raintree country just to name a few from the list of great acts!! this is an absolute gem, i mean most of the songs here a mainly non-album track and unavailable elsewhere at the time!! 'the sky is falling' by james is a really good song, johnny dangerously's acoustic performance of 'the subway life is amazingly as great as what billy bragg known for!! ripped from a vinyl i've gotten a few months back @ 192 kbps using audacity sound enhancer software!! you lucky bastards!!!! pls. leave your comments..... just a simple thank you should do it!!!! this was the scene before the scene!! so listen up.....
law, dj lerr, mcdoo, eric para sa inyo 'to----hataw ang mga kanta dito!!

tracklists as follows:

a1 - The Man From DelMonte - Australia Fair
a2 - Inspiral Carpets - Joe
a3 - Pepplekade 14 - Uptown
a4 - New Morning - Workkin For A Payroll
a5 - The Waltones - Smile
a6 - Jean Go Solo - In Salford The Sun Doesn't Shine
a7 - Penny Priest - Sometimes

b1 - James - Sky Is Falling
b2 - Bradford - Lust Roulette
b3 - The Railway Children - Sunflower Room
b4 - Johnny Dangerously - Subway Life
b5 - Milltown Brothers - Janice Is Gone
b6 - Raintree County - Nice Time At The Disco
b7 - Dub Sex - Instead Of Flowers(dub mix)

kunin nyo dito:


new wave crossover said...

this is a great' post cino' i love this record' thanks for this one''yahoooooo'

Bluepastures said...

Superb- many thanks!

cino_pacino said...

glad you guyz liked it! and thanx for the comments.

NOISEBOX said...

wow, killer song by raintree county, my fav track!

cino_pacino said...

inuman naa!!!

arnoldtan said...

maraming salamat, gracias, thank you, tho sia, kam sam ni ta.........

cino_pacino said...

no problem, your comments are always appreciated.

tinyminx said...

Ohhh please can I have the link so I can download? Did have and have lost! Thanks

cino_pacino said...

@tinyminx the link is still open, just click the link below "kunin mo dito"