Monday, September 21, 2009

everything but the girl - don't leave me behind 12" ep 1986 1986

everything but the girl became top 40 in the early nineties, it started with 'the language of life cd', the song driving scored a mild hit in the uk charts as well as in the usa. then the release of their higly influential album 'amplified heart' in 1994, a hit song.... missing was big in clubs both europe and us, airplays on top 40 commercial airwaves elevated their success.

this single is probably my second fave from them mainly because i still think that 'when all's well' still is their greatest song for me, but this song is classic and it never gets old....its very jazzy related as most of their early songs are and a little poppy but less electronica per se like their current releases. one can only wish they've made an extended version or a remix their old singles. ben watt shows off his vocal talent on the flipside!!

kunin mo dito:


DIGGA-BIT said...

classic stuff!

cino_pacino said...

nice remix digga-bit!

DIGGA-BIT said...

thnx man. was v.pleased to find the accapella for this track on line and give the rmx a go. Such a great song. cheers

cino_pacino said...

i agree, man