Friday, September 11, 2009

blitz - solar 12" 19??

this was an experiment, i bought it despite not knowing what they sound like. plus another thing that attracted me to this record is that i have never heard of the band nor the record label before! so i gave it a try, got home and cued it up on my record player and to my surprise.. it's not bad! it's a two track single. both extended versions. they sound very minimal but also you can almost tell where they're headed. a little hint of industrial music to it, constant but steady beating of the drum machine!! yeah kinda like that. anyway synth-lover would rather find this one useful.

kunin mo dito:


new wave crossover said...

great 'post pacino' i love this one'thank's

cino_pacino said...

no problem, djlerr. postpunk phorever!!