Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the march violets - deep 7" 1985

my favorite single from the band, i have been looking for someone to post a 7" version of the song in a long time and to my dismay i have no success. you would find a lot of 'the march violets' deep 12" single posted on blogs but not this 7" version. so for someone looking for a shorter version of the song like i had before. this one's for you.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

feral - change you leaving ep 1991

here's a band that i really don't know much about when i bought the record. i just happen to trust the record label they are out on.... lust recordings. i think that's the best way to do when experimenting bands you've never heard of before. with the likes of 'the lavender faction', 'st. james infirmary', 'aspidistra', etc. on the label resume i think that's pretty impressive enough for anyone who loves indie music!! the band is very ninety-shoegazey-like.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the sunflowers - closer ep 1991

this is an a-ok band from the early nineties, out on clawfist record label. a quintet that was formed in tynemouth. i only got two singles from them that i know about and this one stands out.... it has a pretty catchy beat! they sound almost like 2 lost sons but a little dreamier.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

everything but the girl - don't leave me behind 12" ep 1986 1986

everything but the girl became top 40 in the early nineties, it started with 'the language of life cd', the song driving scored a mild hit in the uk charts as well as in the usa. then the release of their higly influential album 'amplified heart' in 1994, a hit song.... missing was big in clubs both europe and us, airplays on top 40 commercial airwaves elevated their success.

this single is probably my second fave from them mainly because i still think that 'when all's well' still is their greatest song for me, but this song is classic and it never gets old....its very jazzy related as most of their early songs are and a little poppy but less electronica per se like their current releases. one can only wish they've made an extended version or a remix their old singles. ben watt shows off his vocal talent on the flipside!!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

jupiter - 3 12" ep 1991

good saturday bloggers, here's something i've never seen posted anywhere before! the 1st release from 'jupiter' on summershine records back in 1991. the band is very underrated yet influential. this ep contains 4 very good tracks!! day 1 is an exceptional song, it captures that essence not very many bands get( a combination of shoegaze with that very distinctive baggy drum beat), i mean if you have their only full length cd you'd understand what i mean.... not a single track wasted there. this is highly recommended!! buy it if you see it!!! and you won't get dissapointed. i need your feedbacks and opinions and what you think of this one....

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

opium - one last kiss cd5 2005

fronted by alex macpherson formerly of "the wake" who then, replaced bobby gillespie in 1983. with gerard mcinnulty(former member of altered images) who founded the band, steven allen and his sister carolyn, they went on to score a hit and a great album and some eps on factory records before signing with sarah records in 1988. this time alex macpherson had already formed "the cat club" which to their success had dented the british charts with 'one last kiss', which is now extremely rare. but i'm lucky to have known somebody who owns one and let' s me borrow it when needed.
the closest thing i have is this single by opium with katrina docherty on vocals.
fyi i don't how long this post i going to stay so pls support your online records store. you can get some of their other releases here-->>http://www.cerysmaticfactory.info/opium.html
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

world party - way down now cd5 1990

karl wallinger, a great songwriter and composer as well as a singer. the same person that brought us 'ship of fools' and 'all come true' in the eighties, gives us this uk single from the album 'goodbye jumbo'. this one is more up tempo and a little bit jangly and some might say it has that baggy influence in it! i have both the uk 12" and this, but i decided to post this one because i didn't particularly like the remixed version on the vinyl. it sounded nothing like the original. it was a very bad remixed. they could have just made the song longer but carry the same tune throughout. i was very disappointed when i heard the 12" version. and i'm glad i kept the cd5.
a four track import cd single for you...
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

red hour - spin out ep 1991

red hour is a pure straight up indie rock band, with songs that delivers energy and promises total indie rock music!! this one cannot be denied... out on the wilde club records in norwich, england. this band consist of five members, two of which holds the quitar so you know they are more quitar-oriented than any other single quitar band out there!! prepare to be moved and indiefied!!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

blitz - solar 12" 19??

this was an experiment, i bought it despite not knowing what they sound like. plus another thing that attracted me to this record is that i have never heard of the band nor the record label before! so i gave it a try, got home and cued it up on my record player and to my surprise.. it's not bad! it's a two track single. both extended versions. they sound very minimal but also you can almost tell where they're headed. a little hint of industrial music to it, constant but steady beating of the drum machine!! yeah kinda like that. anyway synth-lover would rather find this one useful.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

v.a. - manchester, north of england lp 1988

delivered as promised..... another holiday another compilation. this time an early manchester scene, perhaps the first scene not the 'baggy' one. with bands like james, man from del monte, raintree country just to name a few from the list of great acts!! this is an absolute gem, i mean most of the songs here a mainly non-album track and unavailable elsewhere at the time!! 'the sky is falling' by james is a really good song, johnny dangerously's acoustic performance of 'the subway life is amazingly as great as what billy bragg known for!! ripped from a vinyl i've gotten a few months back @ 192 kbps using audacity sound enhancer software!! you lucky bastards!!!! pls. leave your comments..... just a simple thank you should do it!!!! this was the scene before the scene!! so listen up.....
law, dj lerr, mcdoo, eric para sa inyo 'to----hataw ang mga kanta dito!!

tracklists as follows:

a1 - The Man From DelMonte - Australia Fair
a2 - Inspiral Carpets - Joe
a3 - Pepplekade 14 - Uptown
a4 - New Morning - Workkin For A Payroll
a5 - The Waltones - Smile
a6 - Jean Go Solo - In Salford The Sun Doesn't Shine
a7 - Penny Priest - Sometimes

b1 - James - Sky Is Falling
b2 - Bradford - Lust Roulette
b3 - The Railway Children - Sunflower Room
b4 - Johnny Dangerously - Subway Life
b5 - Milltown Brothers - Janice Is Gone
b6 - Raintree County - Nice Time At The Disco
b7 - Dub Sex - Instead Of Flowers(dub mix)

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

random single of the month

howdy peeps!! we're up and running again. sorry for the last non post few days!!!! i just spent the whole entire week dedicating myself to synching all of my favorite songs into my ipod touch!! and it wasn't easy..... i mean it's not a hard process, it's just time consuming. i have to upload pictures of the cover sleeve to the corresponding song and all, ya know!! and i wanted to finish it(3000+ songs) asap so i that i don't have to worry about it. and i'm glad to say i did it!

ok now that we have all that taken care of, i know i've missed maybe 4-5 posts but i will make it up. i promise...starting with this one, an excellent tune from a very low profile band from the early nineties. this has got to be my favorite song from them, just a great indiepop song, also hard to find.

the pearly gatescrashers - the age of innocence 1991

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