Monday, August 3, 2009

cherry forever - headstrong ep 1992

another great band from 'wilde club records' this together with 'the suncharms' and 'red hour' made their own scene in the early nineties, gain quite a bit of followers. i know that if i ever have a band this is how i imagined it would sound like. i just love that noisy guitar werks but otherwise very melodic tunes they have. it sounds very care free and radical, worry-free music!! d'you know what i mean!!!?? i don't think they have another record released, this might be their only single!! fyi 'spook' and 'down and around' is the high point of this single!! this one is certainly not for the pusong mamons!!

kunin mo dito:


ricky said...

Hey Cino

Excellent post mate and a great band. I'm looking for everything that i could found from Wilde Club Records. Do you have anything else ?

Check the compilation "I Might Walk Home Alone" from Wilde Club Records that i've posted earlier on my blog. One of the best compilations that i've heard. Here is link :


cino_pacino said...

ricky...thanx for the comment. i don't have that compilation but i would certainly look for the bands included. i might have some my collection. i know i have the "red hour" single on 12" that i will be posting later this month.
thanx for the link!!!

mrkrvll said...

astonishing! just been randomly searching for my old band name and found your site. glad you liked our ep :) it's a very pleasant surprise.