Wednesday, August 19, 2009

blindside - plague ep 1992

my first post from australia's legendary summershine records. earlier releases from them are as follows: "the tender engines" which was a great indiepop band, "the sugargliders" released some amazing singles and later on joined sarah records, "the springfields" those of you who know such bands know that their records are very hard to find!, "velvet crush" also have one single on summershine called 'the soul crushers', jupiter, east village.... the list goes on and on.

the song plague is not on their album and to be found is a great track which is also a different version than the one on the cd. both endings of the songs are way awesome!!!
kunin mo dito:


Spacekid said...

Yeee I got two of this 7", I'll give the double to Law...AHHHHHHH

cino_pacino said...

aren't you the lucky one!!! good song eh!! san diego...