Friday, August 21, 2009

security - total destruction 12" 1985

ok here's something for synthpoppers.... don't know much about this band. nor i know where they are from i just happen to came across this record while i was browsing thru my collection like i seldom do. i can't remember what interest me in purchasing it (a while back at that old rockaway record store). then i flipped the record and there.. it reminded me why. the b side is a pretty decent cover version of the song 'somebody' by one of the best synth god of almost four decades: depeche mode. real nice calming song to break away from the noise. ahhh..

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

blindside - plague ep 1992

my first post from australia's legendary summershine records. earlier releases from them are as follows: "the tender engines" which was a great indiepop band, "the sugargliders" released some amazing singles and later on joined sarah records, "the springfields" those of you who know such bands know that their records are very hard to find!, "velvet crush" also have one single on summershine called 'the soul crushers', jupiter, east village.... the list goes on and on.

the song plague is not on their album and to be found is a great track which is also a different version than the one on the cd. both endings of the songs are way awesome!!!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

the lavender faction - in my mind ep 1991

another excellent band from lust recordings.. the lavender faction's 2nd ep. very much like their first one,.. which i also have but it's already available on the web for download so you get this one instead. either way it's a treat. the shoegaze scene in the early nineties was amazing. lots of great bands. just too damn many to choose one favorite band. this one is certainly not left out amongst the hierarchy list notably of those underground bands as such. this is a 3 track ep. 'harbour me' sounds a bit like catherine wheel. you dig!?

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

asylum party - what will you learn cd5 1989

a short-lived post punk act that was formed in the mid eighties in france. being labeled as gothic because of their looks and deep haunting vocal, i simply call them "nouvelle vague". which is french for 'new wave' as that's how they sounds like to me. misfortune? and la riviere are pretty good tracks, they have a little bit of darkness to it but its quite dreamy. sounds very underground, somewhat like a more refined 'and also the trees'.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the werefrogs - don't slip away cd5 1992

this band is lucky enough to have one of their few releases produced by famous producer guy fixsen, that same guy the produced some of the great acts in the late eighties thru the early nineties.... ultra vivid scene, the breeders, the wolfgang press, my bloody valentine and so much more. all of which great bands, this cd5 is no exception. gloomy yet aggressive enough to move heads and sometimes very unsentimental but yet emotional music is how they sound like to me. and they proved it here that they will not disappoint.
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

blueboy - meet johnny rave ep 1993

sarah records produced so many great bands and blueboy is no exception!!! scarce, hard-to-find or obscure i guess is the easiest way to describe sarah's releases!! just so happen i have a few of them in my collection! and i would like to share one with you now..., a 4 track ep, consist of undeniably beautiful indie songs that includes popkiss, not available on the 7'' record. i've done my homework and search the web to see if anyone else has this posted on their blog and i didn't find any. hmmm.. i wonder why?..... i hope i'm not risking anything here!!!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

razorblade smile - frosty 6 ep 1993

post-punk to upbeat anglo-pop a la beatnik filmstars to beautifully crafted songs sounding something like kitchens of distinction. this is from a 6-song 12'' ep called "faster wide-eyed implement" i've included two of the best song on the ep. one of which a cover of a song by mccarthy on the b side. the a side is a pretty good song.. very upbeat with that easily distinguished madchester baggy beat that started in the very late eighties thru the early nineties! i hope you guys enjoy this one as much as i do!!!
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the snowdrops - mad world 7'' ep

this particular single took sometime before it was finally released, due to some legal issues(i can imagine). first from the snowdrops, their debut single from matinee records of that ever-popular song by tff. it's a very good cover and a really nice indie version of the song mad world! we all know it's been covered many times before the most recent one was that off ryan adams latest cd which was by the way did a pretty good cover version too. but this has a nice vibe to it, something to hum and sing along to. if you love the tff in the eighties you'll love this one as well!! enjoy while they last...most of my posts here are unique at the moment and cannot be find on any-blog-else.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

cherry forever - headstrong ep 1992

another great band from 'wilde club records' this together with 'the suncharms' and 'red hour' made their own scene in the early nineties, gain quite a bit of followers. i know that if i ever have a band this is how i imagined it would sound like. i just love that noisy guitar werks but otherwise very melodic tunes they have. it sounds very care free and radical, worry-free music!! d'you know what i mean!!!?? i don't think they have another record released, this might be their only single!! fyi 'spook' and 'down and around' is the high point of this single!! this one is certainly not for the pusong mamons!!

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

random single of the month

this one is a classic nineties tune, with the likes of camouflage, red flag and some other pioneers of synth out hails the birth of celebrate the nun, didn't get much popularity in the usa or airplay for that matter... they gained honor on the dancefloor in clubs in the early nineties in europe! this one is taken from their 2nd and i believe their last full length release. whom i highly recommend for synthpop lovers, is a bit pricey on the net. i got my copy at amoeba records in los angeles, ca.

celebrate the nun - one more time...
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