Wednesday, July 1, 2009

random single of the month

after a brief hiatus, here we are back and running again with the single of the month pick!! whew what a week!!! i finally got the problem taken care of. great posts comin' up! some rare and previously unreleased materials. just got done thru digging the vault and i've found some interesting stuff! i didn't know i have this old 1988 "machester indie compilation" with band such as james, the railway children, inspiral carpets and so much more. i will also be posting the woodentops' plenty 12'' which i have forgotten how great that single was, just to name a few. there so much more to look forward to. in the meantime enjoy and happy 1st!
anyway the song featured here is from their 1983 album 'look around'. sound kinda mod-ish with a touch of new wave flavor, occasional guitar like 'the ocean blue' just to name one. you can also sense a weller-esque style that suggests 'the jam's influence on their music but i think the name of the band gave it away.
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