Sunday, July 19, 2009

power of dreams - 100 ways to kill a love 12'' ep 1990

powerful pop song, pretty catchy tune and just about everyone can relate to this song(if you've ever been in love). that's my best description of this one. i think 'the wannadies' got their influence from pod. they've made about 4 albums total, so safe to say they have been around quite a while. they released their critically acclaimed ep "a little piece of god" on setanta records in 1989, before signing a deal with polygram. and this my friends is their 1st 12'' ep with the new label. the b sides aren't so bad at all a couple of demos but otherwise really good tracks!! great band from dublin, ireland. much thanx to 'arons records' in los angeles, pls. support your local indiependent record stores! do not buy bootlegs!!

100 ways to kill a love...

kunin mo dito


Anonymous said...

Probably my favorite band, have everything they've ever recorded. The hic-up on "Any Other Day" appears on the CD version as well, just something on the master but, I guess it adds to that demo feel.

cino_pacino said...

yes they were a great band!!! i just know if they've toured the usa back in the day!! i would have love to see them live!