Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the machine gun feedback cd5 1992

welcome back bloggers!!! i know it's a bit of a let down to see another holiday passed by and i know some of us went back to work as early as monday and for the lucky ones out there they are just now starting work. another day another dollar, just enjoy your work. might as well and keep the blog rolling!!!

today i have something that i have experimented back in the nineties. i don't know anything about this band, never heard of them before and i could not find any information about them on the internet. i'm very surprised no one's posted "tmf" before!! their music is somewhat between the wonderstuff(vocal-like) and 'nad's guitar riffs. and they are from machester!! that i know. anyway additional infos would be appreciated.

kunin mo dito:


tinywhite said...

Thanks for posting this! I have their 1991 release "Uncle Mikey's Guide to Groovin'" which I have enjoyed all these years wishing I had more by them! They had that typical, at the time, Brit/Manchester sound.
Anyway, as a thanks for this rarity heres the CD for your listening pleasure. Feel free to post it on your blog, maybe someone else out there has more!!!!


not sure if this link will work, let me know and ill try another sharer for you!

cino_pacino said...

hi tinywhite, thanx for the comment and info. glad to know someone else out there appreciate a good forgotten band like so. thanx for the download..for i don't have their full cd>

PomPomTakashi said...

Hi and The Machinegun Feedback! i really love them :) and rarity CD!!! oh it's a big news for me.

anyway thanks for posting it!