Saturday, July 4, 2009

v.a. - indie covers cd vol.1

hi, hope you guys are doin' okay on this holiday weekend!!! some of you are probably with your families and some are with their love ones. perhaps hanging out with a bunch of friends on a 4th of july weekend..too bad no more laker games. as for me, i'm just trying to make it a habit of posting a music compilations every holiday. as most bloggers takes a day off, i'm working my a** off gathering tunes!! i hope you find this 'guality music' as this takes a lot of shuffling records and digging mp3s on my collections. i thought i give it a little twist by compiling covers songs by your favorite indie bands singing new wave tunes and what not. just twelve songs... the file is too big to fit in one cd. so here is the track listing:

14 iced bears - summer nights

aberdeen - emma's house

chapterhouse - rain

even as we speak - bizarre love triangle

happydeadmen - the first picture of you

ride - sight of you

terry edwards - the hardest walk

the boo radleys - there she goes

the driscolls - she said, she said

the house of love - pink frost

miles hunt(the wonderstuff) - that's entertainment

velocity girl - your silent face

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new wave crossover said...

this is a great compilation'

arnoldtan said...

please check emmas was THE FIELD MICE ang kumanta niyan, baka nagkamali ka lang.....

cino_pacino said...

thanx sa comments.... i will check on that pero alam ko kinuha ko ito sa abeerden singles compilation..... hmmm.

cino_pacino said...

arnold it is a cover version of the field mice song from their album " Aberdeen - What Do I Wish For Now: Singles And Extras 1994-2004" it almost sounded like the original except with girl on occasional background!!
a great cover though.

arnoldtan said...

ah ok....iba kasi yung cover album nang aberdeen sa taas. aberdeen and a band from indonesia sunny summer day who cover this great song. by the way thanks for sharing and keep up the good work...mabuhay

Anonymous said...


Fajar Martha said...

Great post, lad! Did u compile it? Have you another cover song compilation?

- regards from Indonesia