Wednesday, July 29, 2009

aspidistra - sunrise 7'' ep 1991

a quartet from perth in scotland with their 1st ever release on lust recordings with the likes of "the lavender faction", "st. james infirmary" and so forth. made this debut single in 1991 supporting swervedriver and the keatons back in the day!! they've produced two highly acclaimed demo-tapes which haved been played extensively on radio scotland's beat patrol. their music could be easily classified as noisepop, real solid guitar distortions with madchester beat flavor to it!! real nice if you like the early boo radleys and blindside (summershine),then this one is for you, a four track ep.

kunin mo dito:


spavid said...

Really enjoying your blog. I just added you to my blogroll. Please check out mine and...well, you know the drill:

I have MP3s of the Bodines Played CD if you need them.

cino_pacino said...

thanks much spavid, glad to know someone out there is actually appreciating my posts. rather than just downloading free stuff!!!!
and i will check out your blog and add you on my bloglist as well!! the bodines cd mp3 that's great!!

spavid said...

Here's a link to the Bodines "Played" album:

This version, which I downloaded from someone on Soulseek, has several extra tracks, but I'm unaware of their source (probably b-sides and such). Enjoy.

NOISEBOX said...

very boo radleys nga! i love raw, distorted but melodic shoegaze stuff!

cino_pacino said...