Friday, July 31, 2009

colorwall - flower cd5 1997

this is a great local band that never was.., guess their timing was a bit off!! though their music is absolutely shoegaze-fantastic. this band could've made the scene had they've been around in the early nineties. real dreamy and atmospheric sounds that resembles bands such as 'blind mr. jones' and 'jupiter' and if you like these bands you sure to like this one! my only regret is missing their in-store appearance at arons in los angeles!! my friend skyray3 knows what i'm talking about!!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

aspidistra - sunrise 7'' ep 1991

a quartet from perth in scotland with their 1st ever release on lust recordings with the likes of "the lavender faction", "st. james infirmary" and so forth. made this debut single in 1991 supporting swervedriver and the keatons back in the day!! they've produced two highly acclaimed demo-tapes which haved been played extensively on radio scotland's beat patrol. their music could be easily classified as noisepop, real solid guitar distortions with madchester beat flavor to it!! real nice if you like the early boo radleys and blindside (summershine),then this one is for you, a four track ep.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

chicane - goldrush 7'' 1994

after a various name changing since the mid-eigthies chicane finally came alive in the early nineties and made a bunch of releases on faith records, based in london. this, together with "imflammble ep" are my only two copies of their records. they could've been big had they known the right people!!! there songs are very much like no other...imagine "new order" without their synth or a shoegazing band not gazing at their shoes!! i'm not saying they sound like "new order" i'm just saying that they are very original and they don't sound like anybody i can compare with! also an fyi, the sleeve is hand painted-one of it's kind. so listen on..

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

the climb - touch me(heaven) 7'' 1982

this is an excellent ep from the band who only made two eps in existence. very hard to find 7'', this one particular record i bought off an aucion on ebay from the uk! i just feel lucky to have a copy of my own! it's gloomy and it's dreamy it's post-punk-underground!!

p.s. this band was also known as "the thrashing doves" when they call it quits shortly after releasing this single, i think! pls. feel free to add some information if you know more about this band!!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

lulu kiss me dead - the ultimate solution 12'' 1985

this is an excellent record...also included is 'spade' mp3 which is also a great song. this was one of my earliest collections and i've been trying to find out more about them but i just can't find any info. so i can't tell you anymore except it's a killer dance track!! i like it i hope you like it too! any input would be more than welcome!!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

blue train - land of gold 12" Ep 1987

whew!!... thanx to my good friend at, this record would have been gone. i got this record from amoeba music store in l a and not long before i had up for sale on music stack!!! i didn't think it had a place in my record collection 'til my indie frenz have told me i must be crazy selling such a rare record. and well, i gave it another playback and boy.. were they right! a great single such c86-ish gem, kinda jazzy feel to it with jangly guitar. a typical great indie band!! now it holds a special place in my collection. law, here's your request.....

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

power of dreams - 100 ways to kill a love 12'' ep 1990

powerful pop song, pretty catchy tune and just about everyone can relate to this song(if you've ever been in love). that's my best description of this one. i think 'the wannadies' got their influence from pod. they've made about 4 albums total, so safe to say they have been around quite a while. they released their critically acclaimed ep "a little piece of god" on setanta records in 1989, before signing a deal with polygram. and this my friends is their 1st 12'' ep with the new label. the b sides aren't so bad at all a couple of demos but otherwise really good tracks!! great band from dublin, ireland. much thanx to 'arons records' in los angeles, pls. support your local indiependent record stores! do not buy bootlegs!!

100 ways to kill a love...

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Friday, July 17, 2009

the woodentops - plenty 12'' 1984

of all their releases from the mid eighties to the early nineties this is my favorite!!! not only because it's the band's debut single but also it sounds nothing like their other songs, you could easily file this one under jangle pop! fronted by rolo mcginty, a one time member of 'the wild swans'... they were formed in 1983 in south london. although this particular single reached #30 in the uk indie chart, i can honestly say that for me its gotta be their best work ever!!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

denim and go-kart mozart

denim, fronted by lawrence and go-kart mozart, also fronted by lawrence! a music lesson 101.. those of you who likes 'felt ' you should know this already, these were the both post felt bands that the frontman lawrence were keeping himself busy and i think go-kart mozart are still together...oopps!!! buy their cds real good pop tunes!! go-kart is more felt-sounding music than a straight forward rock n' roll denim... judge for yourself! to me both tracks are excellent, otherwise i wouldn't be posting it here, di ba?!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

next time passions - angel flower 7'' 1992

next time passions is a quintet that resembles many of sarah artists.. this is a 3 track ep full of beautiful psychedelic pop songs. recorded in the early 90s so you know it has a bit of influence of that early britpop/machester beat. limited copies were made worldwide. so consider yourself very lucky if get one the 500 records released!! i hope you enjoy this one as much as i do...

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

the windmills - three sixty degrees 7'' 1999

such a great band!!! i can't quite figure out what/who they sound like, just so that i can give you an idea... they've released several singles on 'matinee records' this one here was the bands 1st record since 1987(late 80's) so they are veterans in the world of indiepop!!! a product of a short c86 movement, formed in england in 1987. jangly guitar and catchy vocal the whole works!!!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the machine gun feedback cd5 1992

welcome back bloggers!!! i know it's a bit of a let down to see another holiday passed by and i know some of us went back to work as early as monday and for the lucky ones out there they are just now starting work. another day another dollar, just enjoy your work. might as well and keep the blog rolling!!!

today i have something that i have experimented back in the nineties. i don't know anything about this band, never heard of them before and i could not find any information about them on the internet. i'm very surprised no one's posted "tmf" before!! their music is somewhat between the wonderstuff(vocal-like) and 'nad's guitar riffs. and they are from machester!! that i know. anyway additional infos would be appreciated.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

another sunny day - you should all be murdered 7'' 1989

a london-based indie pop band on sarah records, best known for the somewhat smiths-esque single "You Should All Be Murdered" and for the single whose title perhaps best epitomises the sarah records output "i'm in love with a girl who doesn't know i exist". fronted by harvey williams who then joined blueboy, before recording under his own name, and later went on to collaborate on several records by other groups including the field mice, and the hit parade. more on
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

v.a. - indie covers cd vol.1

hi, hope you guys are doin' okay on this holiday weekend!!! some of you are probably with your families and some are with their love ones. perhaps hanging out with a bunch of friends on a 4th of july weekend..too bad no more laker games. as for me, i'm just trying to make it a habit of posting a music compilations every holiday. as most bloggers takes a day off, i'm working my a** off gathering tunes!! i hope you find this 'guality music' as this takes a lot of shuffling records and digging mp3s on my collections. i thought i give it a little twist by compiling covers songs by your favorite indie bands singing new wave tunes and what not. just twelve songs... the file is too big to fit in one cd. so here is the track listing:

14 iced bears - summer nights

aberdeen - emma's house

chapterhouse - rain

even as we speak - bizarre love triangle

happydeadmen - the first picture of you

ride - sight of you

terry edwards - the hardest walk

the boo radleys - there she goes

the driscolls - she said, she said

the house of love - pink frost

miles hunt(the wonderstuff) - that's entertainment

velocity girl - your silent face

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Friday, July 3, 2009

the reegs - as you leave cd5 1997

two guys from "the chameleons" makes up this no nonsense band that started out in late eighties. with awesome combination of shoegaze, indie rock and new wave style. the band released a full album in 1993 which kinda hard to find now unless you are willing to pay an arm and a leg, maybe not... just kidding. my personal favorite is the very shoegaze-manchester influenced song 'see my friends' (1989).

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

random single of the month

after a brief hiatus, here we are back and running again with the single of the month pick!! whew what a week!!! i finally got the problem taken care of. great posts comin' up! some rare and previously unreleased materials. just got done thru digging the vault and i've found some interesting stuff! i didn't know i have this old 1988 "machester indie compilation" with band such as james, the railway children, inspiral carpets and so much more. i will also be posting the woodentops' plenty 12'' which i have forgotten how great that single was, just to name a few. there so much more to look forward to. in the meantime enjoy and happy 1st!
anyway the song featured here is from their 1983 album 'look around'. sound kinda mod-ish with a touch of new wave flavor, occasional guitar like 'the ocean blue' just to name one. you can also sense a weller-esque style that suggests 'the jam's influence on their music but i think the name of the band gave it away.
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