Sunday, June 28, 2009

sad day for indiens

today i was having problem logging in to my 4shared account. tried several times and i thought i had forgotten my password but then again i was signed in the day before. so it's not possible that i'm that forgetful. then i checked my emails, that's when i found out,.. some of my files(mp3) that are associated with my posts has been move to the recycling bin just waiting to have confirmation from me to be permanently deleted!! apparently some of the bands i've posted here complained about copyrights or illegal posting. i could've done it myself if i was asked to. no big deal! here i thought i was trying to be helpful.. kinda like free promotions for the bands, i mean most of the posts here are either out of print nor it's still available in the market (unless it's a mp3 file) this blog is for record collectors only!! i'm just trying to help other collectors find what they've missed. and i'm sure i'm speaking on behalf of all record collectors when i say an mp3 file cannot, will not and will never replace an actual record or cd. so for me an mp3 is just as good as hearing music on the radio! i think you can appreciate music more if you have the actual and physical presence of an actual record or a cd!! and that's what i do! i discover music on the web thru blogspots then i buy the record no matter how expensive they are!! the point is... mp3 is not something you can touch or display or show to your friends and say i have it!!! actual records do.

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