Monday, December 28, 2009

maisonettes - where i stand 7" 1983

as mentioned on an earlier post this single is no stranger to sensitive guys out there!! you know who you are. sadly it's the end, as we all know all things must come to an end and so as this year. this is my last post of the 2009 as i wonder what lies ahead for me, my family and my closest friends. i can now safely say that this year has been good to me, and i can only hope it continued on thru the rest of upcoming years. don't know much about this band. i have two singles by them and this one won the toss. 60s on the a side and 70s on the flipside so go figure anyway enjoy!

kunin mo dito

Friday, December 25, 2009

v.a. - two thousand violins cd 2009

hey it's christmas yet again! what better way to end this year than with a collection of great indiepop, handpicked by yours truly. these are my new favorites that i'm just dying to have and to hold, in sickness and in health 'til death, wait one picking cotton minute. let's not get carried away here. in short.... i need help in finding these records!! or if someone has an extra copy they can spare, i'm all hands.
so from my family to yours, merry xmas to all!!!

tracks as follows:

The Garlands - David
Japan Air - Claire
The Honeyheads - Saturday Night
The Tidy Ups - Dizzy Hieghts
Apple Boutigue - Love Resistance
Sibiria - Det Har Varet Svavare
Silver Screen - Girl Like You
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Everything With You
Sad Day For Puppets - Hush
Surefire Broadcast - Inner Child
The April Skies - Rise Again
My Darling YOU - Everything Alright
The Orange Peel - Something In You
The Sea And Cake - Four Corners
The Lucksmiths - Up With The Sun
Love Ninjas - Care
The Charade - Monday Morning
The Lodgers - Watching

kunin mo dito

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

just ahead...

here's the 4one one on what's coming in the new year! it's actually a little bit of everything. i have the june brides and les enfants terribles for the indie c86 fans, purple ivy shadows and boyracer and catchers for the indiepoppers, the supreme love gods and boy.. the honey buzzards, there's nothing like them. i mean this band caught me by surprise, i got this record off the 99cent bin and i was blown away when i put the needle on the record it's a total madchester treat you guyz. and of course let's not forget hambi and the dance, one of the new wave ogs!! so enjoy the ride, coz it's gonna be a bumpy one!! "twistin' my melon man". and oh yeah i almost left out ian masters' post pale saints band, the spoonfed hybrid which to no surprise sounds exactly like the early ps werks!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

the daintees - roll on summertime 7" 1982

the next two posts will be very sixties influenced including this one, i don't know what it is but i picture frankie valli with his guitar singing to the ladies... both a and b side of this single have quite a resemblance, kinda like listening to the same song. i am currently working on a compilation for the xmas post!. so i'm pretty occupied, i've also got some unsorted new arrivals(una) on the werks so bare with me if i'm a little slow. this one here would definitely amuse your sensitive side.
kunin mo dito

Thursday, December 17, 2009

let's active - in little ways 12" ep 1986

mitch easter, the nucleus of the band who also produced the first two r.e.m. albums has been the forefront of the nuwave american guitar bands. this ep is considered a veritable jewel box of classic guitar/piano playing and memorable tunes. it's a four song ep which contains the title track plus three others that captures the youthfulness of ones love for new wave music. this import release is more seldom than often and that's typical for an irs record release! it also include "every word means no", which most of you would probably recognised from a radio airplay.

kunin mo dito

Monday, December 14, 2009

fiat lux - secrets 12" 1983

when you think of fiat lux you immediately think of secrets. this is just one of the six singles the band released during their short career. in 1982 as college schoolmates the duo of david p crickmore and steve wright with the addition of ian nelson were able to record one mini-album. after releasing their last single solitary lovers in 1985 the band parted and the rest well, was hired history. the band's works later on was re-released on a cd by cherry red records.

kunin mo dito

Friday, December 11, 2009

zerra one - rain 12" 1985

who will stop the rain, who'll stop the rain from falling. no one is, they just keep talkin'. lol. this rain is killing me!! i can't go anywhere without getting wet. i have two adorable maltipoos and i can't take them out for a number one or two. so imagine what's it like in the shyshack right now. anyway what better time to post this new wave quartet from ireland... than right now. as we all know the song rain is all over youtube but the other side is not only a great song but it also comes an extended longer version than the one on the album. i know it's weird but i favor the b side over the main song. just an fyi... more nw and pp coming!
kunin mo dito

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

sun dial - exploding in your mind cd5 1990

i don't really know if this was their first ep after changing their name from 'the modern art' in the eighties. unlike the eps fazer and reflecter this is more sixties psychedelia than madchester. it focuses more on guitar than drums and one of the three songs in this ep is on 'the children of the nuggets' comp. that also has the dukes and more!
kunin mo dito

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

random single of the month

the year was 1992 indie, britpop, shoegaze, dance, synth, and even grunge were all trying to make the scene it was like the melting pot of all music. and so was this band.. after releasing a couple of singles they've finally release a full length album. it's got a little bit of everything in it, the songwriting on this is very carefree and positively dangerous it has a very positive upbeat vibe. the 12" vinyl has extended remixes of the song but i don't particularly like it so i'm posting the 7" instead. let's see if some of you remember this one...

happyhead - fabulous(single mix) 1992

Saturday, November 28, 2009

spectacle - needles in the camel's eye 7"

more nineties... is what i'm focusing on this late november. i've been paying a lot of attention to the twee-86s lately that i almost forgot how much the nineties has to offer. in the eighties you have new wave, cold wave, minimal, synth, punk, goth, post punk, twee and indie but the nineties has all of the above plus madchester, shoegaze, grunge, etc. lol, just trying to converse and maybe i'll get your attention!!
back to the post... an early 7" single by spectacle, a local shoegaze band have their one and only cd simply named 'glow in the dark soul' (djspacekid knows what i'm taking about) released in 1998. a very good cd consisting 15 tracks. stargazing and split screen are a shoegaze work of art and so as track 1 of this seven, you dig. the flip side reminds me of primal scream!! what the top 40 america addresses as melodic folk-rock is simlpy shoegaze to me...

kunin mo dito

Thursday, November 26, 2009

v.a. - forever changing cd 1991

another holiday whew.... just like that we are neighboring christmas 2009. you know one thing i hate during the holidays... is commuting!! i mean yesterday alone, what seems to be a 20 minute trip took about 1 hour to get home, good thing i have my mp3 player with me in my car or i'll fall asleep behind the wheel. seriously... and i'm not talking just the freeways, malls i'm pretty are congested too. especially on black friday! what's that about?! you wait 2 hrs or more to save
a lousy $10! i mean c'mon, lets get real... lol.
so for the holidays i have a nice i.b.m.(indie.britpop.madchester) compilation treat for you.
happy thanxgiving!! to all my frenz and indiens. special mention to gothboy, randyb, nb, tk99 and mcdoo!!! have a safe holiday!

tracks are as follows:

blur- i know(extended)
the real people - open up your mind(let me in)
world of twist - sons of the stage
the impossibles - delphis
swirl - helicopter
poppy factory - 7X7
ocean colour scene - yesterday today
the hollow men - pantera rosa
the high - take your time
ever - really tired
rain - lemonstone desired
the clouds - set free to be me
pretty impressive line up, eh. compiled by beechwood music, same people that brought you the "top 20 indie" compilation series.
kunin mo dito

Monday, November 23, 2009

tangerine - sunburst 12" 1989

my last post before the holiday y'all. i hope you like this one, this is a creation product and like most creation releases, it's a keeper not a dust collector as some people might say. it's worthy of a place in your collection. i like the blending of guitar and synth in sunburst they make it simple but jolly. the b-side has a bit of a psychedelic realm to it with a disco influenced bass line. one full length album and this 12" are my only known discography of them. these guys would rather be righteous and holy than famous anytime any day!!

kunin mo dito

Saturday, November 21, 2009

citrus groove - hit the ground 7" 1991

let's shift gear momentarily and go back to 1991, when these blokes from local cali first debuted their single on honeychain records. hit the ground was the song, madchester was the beat and the rest well not quiet history, i hate to dial-a-cliche but this single pretty much fits the "baggy scene" that year!! i know it sounds redundant but their music are between the milltown bros. and perhaps the soup dragons. they have a seven track cd released in 1993 that contains two of the songs in this 3 track ep. if you missed them back then click on the link to listen again!! djlotku you where there, remember?! knock! knock! lem'me some salt, mate!!

kunin mo dito

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the claim - wait and see ep

this record was released and self-distributed by the band and esurient communications in kent. after the brief hiatus with " the cartel ", the band dropped or was dropped by " the cartel " following the making of their records generally unavailable. this 7" does not show when it was recorded but judging from the pictures on the cover i'm guessing this came out before they joined " a turntable friend " in 1992. the claim grew up listening to a young paul weller so you will hear a little bit of the jam resemblance in their music. mod? soul? or mod-soul? to me it's indiepop!! just when i was about to say that i'm not into this particular genre... god, cliff & me is not a bad song plus a bonus track.... down by the chimney is also a nice powerpop indie song.
kunin mo dito

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

gangway - out on the rebound from love 7" 1985

this is a melodramatic single from gangway which i know nothing about until i was introduced by a good friend of mine at nmc. real cool laid back tune with a charismatic vocal, including the b-side 'paris, mexico' which one would likely prefer than the title track. my friend calabit has the other more familiar single... "my girl and me" and it's also available for download!!!
kunin mo dito

Sunday, November 15, 2009

shack - 24 hours ep 2005

i bought this about 2 yrs. ago at a local record store in l.a. it's a four song ep by shack, plain white with no info whatsoever on the cover and the record itself don' t have any credits other than the band name and song titles. for some who don't know much about the band they've released some pretty awesome records in the past. fronted by brothers mike and john head formerly of the great paley bros. and the strand, like most of their records they all sound just that(nonesuch). 24 hours was also released as a b-side of the single comedy along with uncle delany in 1999 and the song flannery off of the cd single natalie's party. to sum it all up, this is a collection of b-sides put together in one ep.

kunin mo dito

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

inner sleeve - dawn of the replicants split cd5 1998

two for one... a nice pair of indie put together by the people from the independent label fierce panda. cue screaming guitars and dreamy melodies, one brings feistiness edge while the other is more calm and laid back. if you like guitar feedbacks and distorted music then look no more.. "come alive" is for you.
kunin mo dito

Monday, November 9, 2009

ivy - avenge cd5 1994

another indiepop product of sarah records this time it's the quartet from norwich not the american band which coincidentally released their first single 'get enough' (the same year) on seed records. which i had posted here but was asked to be taken down!! this is a four track cd single that some of you might have been looking for. i don't know how long the file stay on this time so to be safe.....
kunin mo dito

Saturday, November 7, 2009

casswells - easy ep 1996

a short-lived indie pop band formed in 1996, from bristol they released their one and only album in 1997. while everyone else was listening to oasis and coldplay (myself included) these four lads were brave enough to play against the rules and kept the indie scene alive at least to their followers and to some that knew them. the album is excellent, it's full of semi-twee and catchy as hell tunes and they do not disappoint! the cd was also re-released under vinyl japan in 2003 and might still be available online.
kunin mo dito

Friday, November 6, 2009

just ahead.....

here's a preview of what's coming in november. its not much but i'm sure some of you could use an additional sumth'm sumth'm in your mp3 collection, d'ya know what i mean? just a heads up guys, this way i will be reminded of what to post: a little bit of unsorted new arrivals and some old favorites of mine....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

grass-show - out of the void cd5 1996

out of the void i believe is the band's fourth single. although they never made in the usa. i still think they are a pretty decent act. their music is britpop leaning towards the likes of supergrass, super furry animals and possibly menswear too. while alice takes you back to the sixties melody the aggressiveness of out of void gives an earful sound of pure britpop in the air.

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ever - virginize cd5 1991

out on midnight music label, this four-track cd single is the second record from ever. recorded and mixed at the twilight zone studios contains virgin eyes and other remixes.... mostly of that manchester groove that broke out in the early nineties. they also appeared on the "forever changing" compilation that includes blur, poppy factory, the real people.. you get the idea.
kunin mo dito

Sunday, November 1, 2009

random single of the month

here's a band that i was introduced to me by my good friend larry back in the early nineties. i don't know why i waited this long before posting this, it's a classic indie tune, didn't get much exposure and got very little airplay on college radios, the song 'blind' is very enigmatic and mysterious in a way. you have to listen to it and you'll know what i mean. local act from san diego, ca but somehow this particular song sound very british-new-wave influenced or maybe it's just me! oh hell, this is a great song... period. if you like the wallflowers of that sort you'll find this just as good.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

shooting party - i go to pieces 12" 1989

this is my latest arrival on my trip to eagle rock last weekend. a synthpop group with a real nice dance beat to it and an erasure -like vocal. i could've swore i've heard this before i just don't have vivid memory of it. this is a 3 track 12incher that includes the instrumental and extended version. this, together with the fifth issue of debut mag that contains the song by a london based band "olympic smiles" was pretty much the highlight of the trip. i don't know if anyone would be interested, i might post the "something's pushing me" song later!!!
kunin mo dito

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

care - my boyish days(drink to me) 7" 1983

here's something you won't find very often and i say that because this is the short version of the song not included on the cd that was released a few years back! boy, what an album that was. i'm pretty sure a lot of you guys are quite happy and pleased of 'diamonds and emeralds' cd issue. so for you wild swans-enthusiasts who still finds in their young hearts the beauty of a new wave masterpiece, here is care's first release... b/w an evening in the ray.
kunin mo dito

Friday, October 23, 2009

fonda - music for beginners ep 1998

this is a four piece local band from l.a. real charming pop tunes full of dreamy guitars much like the last two lush's album. this is the 1st ever release from the band, fronted by emily cook and david klotz, one of the few local indie bands i would willingly recommend. although their recent works are more of a shoegaze influenced tunes this one here will take you back to the mid 90s dreampop! you can buy their other releases here------>>>>
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the silencers - i can't cry 12" 1987

good morning bloggers, today you get a special treat, something that doesn't ordinarily just pop out . one of favourite songs of all time it's kinda like you favourite jeans, you feel confident whenever and wherever you have it on. it don't matter if it's old or faded it still feels comfortable enough to wear everyday, d'ya know what i mean?! well that's how if feel with this one, i can listen to this all day long without getting bored. such a dreamy song, i say. 3-track single...
kunin mo dito

Monday, October 19, 2009

the pale fountains - ...from across the kitchen table 2X7" 1985

you know what's great about this? you get two singles in one... no wait maybe three, was "just a girl' also released as a single? i believe so, not sure i don't know. but in this post i've included the album version of 'fatkt' from the vinyl release which you won't ordinarily find anywhere. i thought the vinyl version sounds a little more familiar to me than that cd version. anyway what a great Liverpudlian band they were, don't get me wrong shack and the strands were also amazing. pada-fafa....
kunin mo dito

Saturday, October 17, 2009

tuesday blue - tunnel vision 12" ep

here's one that i have been trying to post but just couldn't get to it 'til now. i am a little surprised though that i don't see this on at all. i mean it's not a bad record, four good quality tracks from an irish band that includes tunnel vision and love me simple. i just don't know how to categorized them, they don't sound like anyone i've heard of. so i leave it to you guys besides it's the music that matters, right?!

kunin mo dito

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the clamheads - summer's coming down 12" ep 1989

a pretty good band and an even better ep. a four track import vinyl ripped at 192 kbps, full of indie tracks(a little jangly) you will definitely cherish if you are an indie fan, courtesy of a good friend of mine at, was handed to me a few years back. once again djlerr thanx for this one.

kunin mo dito

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

scarlett and black - you don't know 12" 1986

more new wave guys, this time a much less popular group for some. there are only two reasons why this post is here... first, it doesn't exist anywhere else! second one is,... just in case one of you guys out there had forgotten how nice this little pop song sounded like. because we all have to admit back then the airwaves are mostly in favor of and dominated by bands like dmode, erasure, omd,etc. so if you simply looking for this one particular song you hardly remember back in the days, i hope this helps.
this 12" includes the extended version (not the club mix) of both you don't know and japan.
                                                                  QR Code         

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

blue zoo - love moves in strange ways 7" 1981

happy morning all. today i'll take you back to the the beginning of the eighties, 1981 to be exact. we have here the 1st ever release from "blue zoo", one thing about this record... this version is a little bit darker than the album version. its sounds very raw and gloomy almost like a demo and its very good. and i prefer this one over the one on the album, i don't know maybe it's just me.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

just ahead.....

a look at what's in store for us in the coming weeks just an fyi. time to start ripping those old vinyls again. a few 12"s, some ep's and perhaps even a crackly dusty 7"s ya know! so you see we have a bright future ahead of us... at least, music wise, yeah?

Friday, October 9, 2009

the man from delmonte - water in my eyes ep

absolute jangly pop tunes from the delmontes, i can only imagine growing up and listening to a band like this. it's more of a combination between 'the chesterfields' and ' mighty mighty', you dig!? i remember picking this up at a local record store about 3 yrs ago not quite knowing what they sound like, believe you me i 'm glad i did. and i now share it with you.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the adventures - monday monday ep 1993

this was 'the adventures' last release from the album "lions and tigers and bears" before re-grouping in 2007 for some gigs in their homeland (belfast), and following the re-release of their most sought after cd "theodore and friends" under lemon recordings in 2009. it's a pretty decent cover of "the mamas and the papas" song! a four song ep i got back in the day!!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

second view - machinery 12" 1986

i have never heard anyone sounding so freakishly close to "the wild swans" until now. this really freaked me out, the first time i've heard it i immediately think of paul simpson's side project that i don't know about. or better yet tws unreleased 12" single, an amazing vocal resemblance, guitar rhythm i mean the whole works. i think i might have found another addition to one of my personal faves.

happy 1st anniversary to me!!!

everything is gone...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

fruits of passion - kiss me now 7" 1986

a four piece guitar band in the mid-eighties you hardly run into on blogs, i wish i had more of their other singles as i'm curious how the other sounds like. 'kiss me now' is a very good song, a four minute excursion of finely crafted pop song. i don't know if the 12" single has the extended version.... that, would make it even better altogether huh, surprise me.
hey law, do you have the 12" single of this one if you do post it!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

random single of the month

another aussie band that hailed out from sydney. formed in 1989, the four piece band were together for eight years until breaking up in 1997. they've released two full length albums in 1993 and 1996 and some eps before calling it quits. "cake" was their 2nd single and was out in 1991, and is heavily baggy-influenced. i don't quite understand a song about a piece of cake but this will definitely change your mind!

the welcome mat - cake

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the march violets - deep 7" 1985

my favorite single from the band, i have been looking for someone to post a 7" version of the song in a long time and to my dismay i have no success. you would find a lot of 'the march violets' deep 12" single posted on blogs but not this 7" version. so for someone looking for a shorter version of the song like i had before. this one's for you.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

feral - change you leaving ep 1991

here's a band that i really don't know much about when i bought the record. i just happen to trust the record label they are out on.... lust recordings. i think that's the best way to do when experimenting bands you've never heard of before. with the likes of 'the lavender faction', 'st. james infirmary', 'aspidistra', etc. on the label resume i think that's pretty impressive enough for anyone who loves indie music!! the band is very ninety-shoegazey-like.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the sunflowers - closer ep 1991

this is an a-ok band from the early nineties, out on clawfist record label. a quintet that was formed in tynemouth. i only got two singles from them that i know about and this one stands out.... it has a pretty catchy beat! they sound almost like 2 lost sons but a little dreamier.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

everything but the girl - don't leave me behind 12" ep 1986 1986

everything but the girl became top 40 in the early nineties, it started with 'the language of life cd', the song driving scored a mild hit in the uk charts as well as in the usa. then the release of their higly influential album 'amplified heart' in 1994, a hit song.... missing was big in clubs both europe and us, airplays on top 40 commercial airwaves elevated their success.

this single is probably my second fave from them mainly because i still think that 'when all's well' still is their greatest song for me, but this song is classic and it never gets old....its very jazzy related as most of their early songs are and a little poppy but less electronica per se like their current releases. one can only wish they've made an extended version or a remix their old singles. ben watt shows off his vocal talent on the flipside!!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

jupiter - 3 12" ep 1991

good saturday bloggers, here's something i've never seen posted anywhere before! the 1st release from 'jupiter' on summershine records back in 1991. the band is very underrated yet influential. this ep contains 4 very good tracks!! day 1 is an exceptional song, it captures that essence not very many bands get( a combination of shoegaze with that very distinctive baggy drum beat), i mean if you have their only full length cd you'd understand what i mean.... not a single track wasted there. this is highly recommended!! buy it if you see it!!! and you won't get dissapointed. i need your feedbacks and opinions and what you think of this one....

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

opium - one last kiss cd5 2005

fronted by alex macpherson formerly of "the wake" who then, replaced bobby gillespie in 1983. with gerard mcinnulty(former member of altered images) who founded the band, steven allen and his sister carolyn, they went on to score a hit and a great album and some eps on factory records before signing with sarah records in 1988. this time alex macpherson had already formed "the cat club" which to their success had dented the british charts with 'one last kiss', which is now extremely rare. but i'm lucky to have known somebody who owns one and let' s me borrow it when needed.
the closest thing i have is this single by opium with katrina docherty on vocals.
fyi i don't how long this post i going to stay so pls support your online records store. you can get some of their other releases here-->>
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

world party - way down now cd5 1990

karl wallinger, a great songwriter and composer as well as a singer. the same person that brought us 'ship of fools' and 'all come true' in the eighties, gives us this uk single from the album 'goodbye jumbo'. this one is more up tempo and a little bit jangly and some might say it has that baggy influence in it! i have both the uk 12" and this, but i decided to post this one because i didn't particularly like the remixed version on the vinyl. it sounded nothing like the original. it was a very bad remixed. they could have just made the song longer but carry the same tune throughout. i was very disappointed when i heard the 12" version. and i'm glad i kept the cd5.
a four track import cd single for you...
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

red hour - spin out ep 1991

red hour is a pure straight up indie rock band, with songs that delivers energy and promises total indie rock music!! this one cannot be denied... out on the wilde club records in norwich, england. this band consist of five members, two of which holds the quitar so you know they are more quitar-oriented than any other single quitar band out there!! prepare to be moved and indiefied!!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

blitz - solar 12" 19??

this was an experiment, i bought it despite not knowing what they sound like. plus another thing that attracted me to this record is that i have never heard of the band nor the record label before! so i gave it a try, got home and cued it up on my record player and to my surprise.. it's not bad! it's a two track single. both extended versions. they sound very minimal but also you can almost tell where they're headed. a little hint of industrial music to it, constant but steady beating of the drum machine!! yeah kinda like that. anyway synth-lover would rather find this one useful.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

v.a. - manchester, north of england lp 1988

delivered as promised..... another holiday another compilation. this time an early manchester scene, perhaps the first scene not the 'baggy' one. with bands like james, man from del monte, raintree country just to name a few from the list of great acts!! this is an absolute gem, i mean most of the songs here a mainly non-album track and unavailable elsewhere at the time!! 'the sky is falling' by james is a really good song, johnny dangerously's acoustic performance of 'the subway life is amazingly as great as what billy bragg known for!! ripped from a vinyl i've gotten a few months back @ 192 kbps using audacity sound enhancer software!! you lucky bastards!!!! pls. leave your comments..... just a simple thank you should do it!!!! this was the scene before the scene!! so listen up.....
law, dj lerr, mcdoo, eric para sa inyo 'to----hataw ang mga kanta dito!!

tracklists as follows:

a1 - The Man From DelMonte - Australia Fair
a2 - Inspiral Carpets - Joe
a3 - Pepplekade 14 - Uptown
a4 - New Morning - Workkin For A Payroll
a5 - The Waltones - Smile
a6 - Jean Go Solo - In Salford The Sun Doesn't Shine
a7 - Penny Priest - Sometimes

b1 - James - Sky Is Falling
b2 - Bradford - Lust Roulette
b3 - The Railway Children - Sunflower Room
b4 - Johnny Dangerously - Subway Life
b5 - Milltown Brothers - Janice Is Gone
b6 - Raintree County - Nice Time At The Disco
b7 - Dub Sex - Instead Of Flowers(dub mix)

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