Friday, August 28, 2015

poastal - here 7" 1995

a four-piece indie band from our own neck of the woods here in los angeles, "here", the sole single from the band led by the drummer yoshi nakamoto. also with david, daniel and adriani on vocals, poastal released a couple more more songs on a split 7" with also well, you guessed it local bands in #poundsign# and further.


the absolute magnitude of negative five..

Sunday, August 9, 2015

magik roundabout - everlasting day... 12" 1991

sorry i haven't posted in a long time... been busy with personal stuff and sometimes you just have to be ready for whatever life throws at ya.
i must say though, these past couple of months that i have been away my unsorted new arrivals inventory has been piling up quite a bit, both on vinyl and cd. with that being said it will take time to burn and convert medias into mp3s again.
let's start with this madchester-influenced indie outfit from the uk. only single i know of by this sheffeild-based independent band, comprised of j chong, p van der fluit and s duncan. much thanks and praise to me fellow and long time indie friend calabet for introducing me to this awesome single!

Evelasting Day.. (Bonfire Mix)

Everlasting Day (Vocal Mix 7'')

Friday, March 20, 2015

aenone - saints & razors ep 1993

hailing from nueva york, this four-piece band was formed by childhood friends kreg sterns and kim collister in 1988. with the addition of bill stair and steve crowley, aenone recorded one single thru brooklyn's short-lived  indie label "kokopop". a year later, after a critical success the band found themselves recording in london with alan moulder before changing their name to nyack, then "fork" in 1996 and lastly "the nuevos" in 2008.

saints & razor...

going nowhere...

Saturday, January 31, 2015

le hammond inferno - an apple a day 12'' 2001

ever had a day when things are going your way no matter where you are or what you're doin', well it does happen very rarely. but in my case its getting out of a possible parking tix while picking up a free lunch and yes finding this gem.. 'a diamond in the rough' per se, all in one day. credits were completely ignored, as time limits it, but title sounds catchy enough to me err.. why the heck not! so i got home right, turned my stereo on loaded up the turny and as soon as i heard the first beat.. i said to myself hmm.. catchy right at the start and that bassline, it sounds very very familiar, but then at 1:29 jackpot!!, kudos to these german team of holger beier, marcus liesenfeldguys for an awesome rendition of this classic indie tune!

an apple a day (long version)...

not on the guest list (remixed by malente)...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

operating theatre - queen of no heart 7'' 1986

active during the early eighties, operating theatre was roger doyle and olwen fouere, the core of the band, with sean devitt on drums and elena lopez on vocals ca. 1986. founded as a musical theatre group.. this irish outfit have their very first record "rapid eye movement" re-released and re-mastered in 2003 on a cd and a comp in 2006 of all, if not most of their early recordings put together in one cd thru "dublin electronics arts festival" label including the songs in this 7 incher, which was previously released on a 12inch format under "mother records". below are samples of both songs recorded and burned unedited with pops, hiss, crackles et'al.

spring is coming with a strawberry in the mouth...

queen of no heart...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

swirl - 6/8 lullaby 7'' 1992

a uk band, active in the early nineties born to david galley, tracy godding and janet wolstenholme whom most releases were thru the independent manchester music label "playtime records". with the exception of this one, released under "spinart records" a now defunct indie label based in nyc. swirl, not to be confused with the oz outfit of the same name which co-existed at the same era, had an album and a few very good eps before becoming the "bandit queen" in the mid-nineties with one album and several singles also released under playtime records.

6/8 lullaby...


Saturday, January 3, 2015

zinc - state of the nation 12" 1984

let's start the new year with a cover version from this italian electro/funk/disco duo from the 80s, comprised of gordon gordie and mauro malavasi, singer, songwriter and music producer. zinc, a short-lived outfit with one mini album released in the early eighties and several singles on jive records and sneak preview label. this record was also released under "sherwin" on speed records. not unusual at that time in europe as many records were under a different name/band depending on where and what label it was released on/at. one example is "tea for two" of tam tam records(italian/swiss) aka "gemo", another is "karisma" on trema records goes by two other names such as "europe" on shure records and "invisible" on int'l label canyon int'l., not to mention my long time friend "djlotku", a master in italo music is also know as "tuts", a second degree indie connoisseur and blogger and home to indiependent music review.
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state of the nation(new dance version)...

state of instrumental...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

the pony - heaven 7" 1989

here's another one off of my latest picks, an australian band with two albums under its belt from the late eighties. this single, from 'white label records" was the first cut from the oz's new wave outfit's second and final album in 1989. a limited edition single with two songs on the b-side cut together with both grooves run parallel next to each other. pretty neat eh, the only other record i know of that has dual grooves running concurrently is that of the soup dragons' soft as your face 12", if your lucky you'll be able to hear both songs with ease(it took me a several tries when burning it).


sounds of silence...

the present time...

Friday, September 26, 2014

wise guise - i guess someone up there don't like me 12" 1984

ok here's a record from wise guise, a short-lived outfit from the uk. it comes in a single regular paper sleeve exactly like the one above, priced at $1 in the bargain section. as the plumbers' would say "your shit is our bread and butter". this record is out on strike records who mainly focuses on but not limited to indie and ska. catchy tune with a pretty good vibe and an early eighties groove ala captain sensible or malcolm mclaren, definitely leftfield.
sad news bloggers.... older posts (some ,not all) will have links deleted due to some infringements copyright complaints by the dcma and its proprietors.
so i really have to watch what i post nowadays, don't want to violate any laws or worse...charged and pay a hefty fine, no sir!

i guess someone up there don't like me...

seize the time...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

variance - lovelies 7" 1991

so on my latest trip to the record store, i got me several 45s and a couple of experimental lps which will prolly end up on discogs or musicstack. but it never entered my mind that this single would somewhat be available here locally. i guess los angeles truly is the mecca of record collectors/sellers, memorabilias, etc. besides having hipsters at every corner cafe, not just in hollywood and silverlake anymore, they are everywhere!
this trio, a finnish band with one full length album(the butterfly effect, 1993) and this single on strawberry records born in the early nineties, a bit new orderish meet cetu javu... great for synth pop lovers!