Saturday, July 29, 2017

fleshpuppets - scarecrow 7" 1984

fleshpuppets is a band hailing from manchester, the capital of the north, a football team(that's soccer for us, here in the states). and before we've become an avid fan of the stone roses, oasis or the smiths.. etc. etc., making their music the soundtracks of our lives and what not. manchester was way way ahead of their time, music-wise, so much to answer for, weekenders, baggy keks, the scene, mad fer it, salfords and so on. so original they even have their own "manc dictionary", now how many cities do you think can top that? well not many i don't think. so shut yer cake 'ole and listen on.
fleshpuppets released two singles under plague records in 1984 and disappeared in 1987. the band was comprised of si, nick, dr. v and eric.....


tall ships..

Sunday, July 2, 2017

helter skelter - consume 12" e.p. 1990

here's another one of those unheard of outstanding indie bands with heavy baggy-influenced anthem hailing from the uk. helter skelter is a band literally unknown to me, i cannot find any information on the web about them and i know my good friend "ricky" from 'madchester rave on' posted an album and a 3-track cassette version of this 12"  but without the longer version of the title track, well i happen to have the single on vinyl but it doesn't possess much identification either. then again their music explains rightfully where they belong and what scene they represent, whether we all agree or not the extended version and the album version are available for listening on mates!

consume(tonight your sex is mine)...

consume(extended version)..

Saturday, June 10, 2017

the republic - volume 1 12" 1985

synth pop/new wave trio from up north comprised of tim dupont on voices and bass, a guy who goes by the name of slider on guitars and backing vocals and john dupont on the bangings with the help of jimmy tanaka and marty simon(keyboards). a 4-song 12" e.p. very well engineered and produced as an indie single released thru backburner records in canada. catchy melodies and mike peters like-voice(i'm not saying the same style of vocals) just voice similarity with keyboards that reminds me of search party's "all around the world", it's a win win for me. but then again that's me.
i think both songs from the a-side are the standout tracks so listen on.

i'm calling (out to you)...

dune (blue in blue)...

Sunday, May 14, 2017

the doves - i wouldn't know you from the rest 7" 1991

the doves, aka the thrashing doves were a rock band from london, founded by brothers brian and ken foreman. which started their musical career as the core members of the post-punk act "the climb". both foremans together with allan fielder(formerly of "the truth") gave birth to the climb in 1981 which at that time sounded like no other. after three singles released under independent labels pinnacle and second vision, saw the demise of the band in 1984. which btw all 3 releases are somewhat obscure and scarce, just sayin'.
but going back to this incredible seven, a baggy theme is definitely present on both sides... perhaps it's the main reason they dropped "thrashing", kinda like 'the clan of xymox', when they morphed into a totally diff genre they go by the moniker "xymox", which totally makes sense now, hmmm.
anyway the b-side is only available on this release.
so enjoy.

i wouldn't know you from the rest...

sent to tempt me....

Saturday, April 15, 2017

colenso parade - standing up 7" 1984

released in 1984 this debut single from colenso parade,  an irish band hailing from northern ireland in belfast is one of the most underrated band indie/post-punk outfit to ever set foot on earth from all of the united kingdom and northern ireland. with only one album, the band managed to release four singles out of that album (glentoran, fire records). a compilation of singles and b-sides... you can call it that or whatever you want, that being said, it still a great album period
going back to this single it's is one of those rare cases that the b-side is more interesting than the a-side, it's one of the best gosh-darnit dream-pop music of the eighties out there, imo.

standing up...

smoky fingered reminder...

Monday, April 3, 2017

illustrious - dreaming 7" 1991

debut single from illustrious... a band from north of england hailing from humberside town in the uk. this record was released on the band's own independent label "hypergroove records"(color variations in cover) in 1991 during the peak of madchester scene, as you can see or hear the very distinct heavy baggy influence on this track! this was later included on there only album on arista records in 1993 under illustrious gy.


dreaming(rocket to heaven mix)...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

the silent love - rainy season (ep) 2013

the silent love are an indiepop outfit hailing from the far east of the globe.. jakarta, indonesia. their latest cd(2015) of the same title is currently sold out in released under "beko".. a french indie label with a huge who's who of current and up and coming indie bands from all over the world, including philippines' very own "moscow olympics", "self portraits" and "idnl" just to name a few. with guitar rhythms like blueboy and a cold & calming voice of acid house kings, what's not to like, right? with that being said, you can grab this 5 song ep for free here.

Friday, July 22, 2016

crescendo - unless 2016

a five-piece band hailing from los angeles, cali. this dreamy shoegaze quintet got their musical inspirations from band such as the smiths and the radio dept. with those influences behind your talent it's easy not to get wrong, musically! pls. check them out on bandcamp ..
recommended tracks: last, said, yet.


djokovic - djokovic ep 2014

released in 2014 and already sounding like a modern classic indie tune, melodic and dreamy with haunting vocals. typical of the indie dreampop underground scene of today and it's not a bad thing!
check them out pls. in bandcamp ..


Sunday, April 3, 2016

moses - our revolution 12'' 1985

let's take a break here from indie overdose for a while and get in touch with our soft genital side. what we got here is an excellent euro-synth project of jerry cutillo, several versions of this song were released on different labels with different covers but all just as good. which will surely tickle my friend's tiny hiny(yee that's right, you know who you are).
anyway the group were from the netherlands, and that's all i know about this band. so if you care to add pls. do so. with that being said, this 12'' record respectably earns a place in my record collection.

our revolution(remix)...

we just...