Sunday, January 31, 2016

blue clocks green - save yourself then the world single-sided 12" 1990

blue clocks green were a new york based synth-die duo, comprised of college mates lange mozian and michele dougherty. this was their last record during their short span fame in college radios late in the eighties. tho it was released in 1990 unlike "hemingway", this track has that jangly, dreamy c86ish feel to it. give it time and it will grow in you.

save yourself then the world...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

bobby scarlet - white pearl 12" 1988

with only two singles released in the eighties, bobby scarlet, a guitar-pop quintet from west sussex, england called it quits late in the eighties. they released their first single "mosquito" in 1986 and again in this single in 1988 and that's the last we heard of them as bobby scarlet. then out come the nineties baggy scene, most of the band members(brothers jeff and nick pitcher, m. wise, s. walker)  with the exception of the drummer went on to form "spitfire" a psychedelic/garage rock outfit active in the early nineties to mid with two full length albums in their resume.

white pearl...


Friday, October 2, 2015

witness - loverman 7" 1991

witness was born following the demise of the 80s funky new wave band "hipsway", core members grahame skinner and pim jones formed "witness" together with andy carr and jim kimberly in '91 or even perhaps before that. they've managed to release one full length album and a number of singles before banishing into the dark. 'loverman' was the fist single off of their sole album(house called love, 1991) on a&m records, it's a perfect example of the saying... the fruit does not fall far from the tree.


the reason is...

Friday, September 18, 2015

andy on the eve - melodies of passion 12" 1991

andy on the eve aka philippe van mullem is a french dj/producer active in the early nineties electronic scene. known in europe for his trance exhibitions, mostly in quadrant park in liverpool. who would've thought i will find this gem locally of all places.. in hollywood. a balearic classic that won't be deny! below are the b-sides, a bit on the mellow, laid back, relax tempo but just as good.. you get the idea.

meeting (radio piano version)

and the life goes on...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

dead famous people - lost persons area 12" 1986

ah.. the dead famous people, another gem yet to be heard. i've finally got me own copy of this rarity (cost me twenty quid, but i think it's well worth it). not really sure where they're from but this particular single were recorded in new zealand under flying nun records. what led me into dfp was what me got into st. etienne's debut single in "kiss and make up". just and amazing song with a wonderful calming vocals.
definitely one of my favorite songs from the nineties, easy. anyway it was donna savage on vocals not sarah cracknell, which sometimes reminds me of tracey thorn and the early ebtg releases before they got into electronics/synth stuff.
uder randy?

barlow's house...
you won't see me cry...

Friday, August 28, 2015

poastal - here 7" 1995

a four-piece indie band from our own neck of the woods here in los angeles, "here", the sole single from the band led by the drummer yoshi nakamoto. also with david, daniel and adriani on vocals, poastal released a couple more more songs on a split 7" with also well, you guessed it local bands in #poundsign# and further.


the absolute magnitude of negative five..

Sunday, August 9, 2015

magik roundabout - everlasting day... 12" 1991

sorry i haven't posted in a long time... been busy with personal stuff and sometimes you just have to be ready for whatever life throws at ya.
i must say though, these past couple of months that i have been away my unsorted new arrivals inventory has been piling up quite a bit, both on vinyl and cd. with that being said it will take time to burn and convert medias into mp3s again.
let's start with this madchester-influenced indie outfit from the uk. only single i know of by this sheffeild-based independent band, comprised of j chong, p van der fluit and s duncan. much thanks and praise to me fellow and long time indie friend calabet for introducing me to this awesome single!

Evelasting Day.. (Bonfire Mix)

Everlasting Day (Vocal Mix 7'')

Friday, March 20, 2015

aenone - saints & razors ep 1993

hailing from nueva york, this four-piece band was formed by childhood friends kreg sterns and kim collister in 1988. with the addition of bill stair and steve crowley, aenone recorded one single thru brooklyn's short-lived  indie label "kokopop". a year later, after a critical success the band found themselves recording in london with alan moulder before changing their name to nyack, then "fork" in 1996 and lastly "the nuevos" in 2008.

saints & razor...

going nowhere...

Saturday, January 31, 2015

le hammond inferno - an apple a day 12'' 2001

ever had a day when things are going your way no matter where you are or what you're doin', well it does happen very rarely. but in my case its getting out of a possible parking tix while picking up a free lunch and yes finding this gem.. 'a diamond in the rough' per se, all in one day. credits were completely ignored, as time limits it, but title sounds catchy enough to me err.. why the heck not! so i got home right, turned my stereo on loaded up the turny and as soon as i heard the first beat.. i said to myself hmm.. catchy right at the start and that bassline, it sounds very very familiar, but then at 1:29 jackpot!!, kudos to these german team of holger beier, marcus liesenfeldguys for an awesome rendition of this classic indie tune!

an apple a day (long version)...

not on the guest list (remixed by malente)...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

operating theatre - queen of no heart 7'' 1986

active during the early eighties, operating theatre was roger doyle and olwen fouere, the core of the band, with sean devitt on drums and elena lopez on vocals ca. 1986. founded as a musical theatre group.. this irish outfit have their very first record "rapid eye movement" re-released and re-mastered in 2003 on a cd and a comp in 2006 of all, if not most of their early recordings put together in one cd thru "dublin electronics arts festival" label including the songs in this 7 incher, which was previously released on a 12inch format under "mother records". below are samples of both songs recorded and burned unedited with pops, hiss, crackles et'al.

spring is coming with a strawberry in the mouth...

queen of no heart...